Free picture gallery of afghanistan

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Soldiers in afghanistan listening and old man giving a speech

Afghan romantic sunset with the moon on blue sky

Soldiers in afghanistan watching parachute with package

Afghanistan culture and soldier smiling at little afghan boy

Afghanistan weather and blue skies during sunset

War in afghanistan and little child next to the young soldier

Afghanistan history and little girl with a white chapel behind her

Afghanistan war and isaf soldier standing on hilltop and aiming gun

Afghanistan beautiful sky and soldiers silhouette

Afghan woman wearing latex gloves and two little children

Beautiful afghanistan mountains and war helicopter silhouette

Afghanistan geography and soldiers sitting and observing a landscape

Afghanistan geography and stunning sunset mountain silhouette

Afghanistan taliban and men with guns sitting in a meadow

Afghanistan war and two soldiers firing mortar

Afghan conifer forest and soldier leaning against tree

Soldiers in afghanistan keeping watch

Afghanistan today with soldier sitting on a rock watching sunset

Afghanistan war and soldiers with cows standing in the meadow

Afghanistan mountain landscape and soldier aiming weapon

War in afghanistan and young soldier kneeling and looking into the distance

War in afghanistan and kneeling soldiers looking forward

Afghanistan swamp and soldier looking into the distance

Afghan landscape with misty mountains and blue sky

Soldiers in afghanistan and cute dog being prepared for rescue

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