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Alloy wheel refurbishment in a messy fabric hall with tired workers

Steel wheels on new volkswagen passat standing next to the store

Alloy sign on yellow wall and old lecturing man standing in front of it

Alloy on car license plate and beautiful black veteran car at exhibition

Original wheels with steel rims on a cafe racer bike standing in a repare shop

Alloy metal tank in a big modern fabric hall with good lighting

Alloy wheels in white colour on amazing black volkswagen golf

Alloy structure laying on dirty tiles in a garage

What is an alloy and a car part laying on chess tiles

Custom rims on beautiful red ferrari standing on the side of the road

Alloy handlebars and custom motorcycle being repaired in a garage

Alloy motorcycle fuel tank on a nice custom motorcycle

New rims and tires on an old good looking volkswagen golf gti

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