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Living on a barge and happy old pair riding through the city

Barge ship on wide dirty river in the valley

Garbage barge with ladder and rusted engine stuck on the beach

Barge boat floating slowly on calm river lined with trees

The barge wreck lying alone in grass on river bank

A barge engine with rusted gear wheels lying on abandoned wharf made of wood

Barge music and big barge riding on river with boat by the side

Barges with gold decorations floating on the river next to the chinese palace

Barge canal with two big empty barges looking dirty

Barges of wood with sculptures and masts looking amazing

Canal barges anchoring bank of cold clear river flowing through the valley

Barge ship anchoring bank and the river beautifully lighted in the night

Barging and beautiful romantic sunset with masts silhouette

Barge in green on clear blue river with fantastic mountains in the background

Barge canal with big boats of different colors leading through the city

River barge full of tourists cruising down a river

The barge with two beautiful smiling girls holding plastic cups wearing a bikini

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