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Different breeds of ducks sleeping on a coast

Species of duck with awesome colorful feathers and red eyes

Different ducks with dark grey feathers flying over water

Duck with white head and amazing feathers swimming in water

Type of duck with colorful feathers and big yellow beak

Types of ducklings and mother duck leading her children across a road

Duck funny moments during fresh morning bath

Yellow duck cartoon with big eyes and orange beak

Different breeds of ducks in pond in the countryside

Small ducks with yellow beaks walking in a row

White duck breeds with typical orange legs and beak

Cute duck with little black eyes sitting and relaxing

Different species of ducks living in a small pond

Duck with little green head taking off

Cute ducks in love looking at each other

Funny duck with curved beak and little brown eyes

The duck swimming slowly in high dry water grass

Small ducks and their mother are having fun in cold water

Ducks swimming in a row with beautiful sunset in the background

Funny duck enjoying cold water in a hot summer day

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